What You Should Know About Us…

Why work with us?

  • …We deliver long lasting and superior quality products/designs, with a proven track record.
  • …We take care of your marketing needs while you focus on your core business.
  • …The products we deliver are in sync with our clients businesses and style. This is achieved by forming a deep understanding and a long term relationship.
  • …Our experienced team of graphic designers and web developers possess all the up-to-date skills and tools to assist you in achieving your objectives.
  • …Professional marketing is not only important or accessible to large companies, but to all companies, and we are able to deliver to any scale.
  • …Choose us and we will support you from the birth and development of an idea through to the implementation.

Our team:

Judit Bilinovics-Sipos – Founder, Marketing Economist

Ádám Petrik – Founder, Lead Graphic Designer

Erna Milvius – Project Manager

Zoltán Gőz – Graphic Designer, Web Designer

Sándor Tolvaj – Web Site Builder, Web Developer